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Park Engineering Precision With Romer Multi-Gage

Park Engineering Precision With Romer Multi-Gage

Precision engineering requires precision tools. Park Engineering only utilise the best in engineering solutions. An example of this is the ROMER Multi-Gage Articulation Arm.

ROMER are the creators of the 3D portable measuring arms.The ergonomic, light-weight, high strength design incorporating high accuracy make the ROMER portable arm an ideal measuring solution for inspection and reverse engineering.The Romer Multi-Gage has a spherical measuring volume of 1.2metres and achieves accuracies of up to 0.005mm. The power supply and computer interface are built into the base of the Multi-Gage.

The Romer Multi-Gage is used for dimensional control of molds, parts, tooling, castings and more. The portable measuring arm can be set up for on-demand measurement and inspection of parts or assemblies.

Used in combination with the SolidWorks and DeZignWorks Software suite Park Engineering has the ability to reverse engineer any item, to supply full detailed engineering drawings and quality control inspections.

JUNE 2015