Park Engineering Continues to Invest

JULY 2015

HASS ST30SSYAnother new machine installed at Park Engineering / Blue Heeler Mining

Park Engineering / Blue Heeler Mining are continuing to invest in state of the art technology, installing and commissioning a brand new HASS ST-30SSY CNC Lathe with Y Axis milling capabilities last week.

This installation increases our ability to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on a single machine - increases throughput, reduces handling, and improves part accuracy.

The Haas ST-30SSY Series Y-axis turning centres provide 100mm of Y-axis travel (±50mm from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling, and tapping, and come standard with 6000-rpm live tooling and a servo-driven C axis for versatile 4-axis capability.

The machining Dia. is approx. 400mm and 600mm in length.

You are more than welcome to inspect at our Unanderra Facility on appointment.